Dr. Dirk D. Dykstra's Future 
In 2006, I started writing short stories with my son. We do this for fun and I definitely do not consider myself a "writer" in the commercial sense; however, we do retain the full copyright on all of our stories, back stories, notes, journals, and other assorted writings. Who knows what the "future" will bring, especially after I "retire." 

We do have some stories that contain common elements and threads. Still, even though we started with a common background, our stories have, for the most part, split apart into separate storylines. The original stories dealt with Thorlinthia - mine focusing on the fall of Tyria and the creation of Thorlinthia. My son's stories started with the Return of Thorlinthia and Thorlinthia after the Fall. On my side, the first stories were centered mainly on J'Rontia, the Watcher, and Tomli.

Today, I have multiple main charaters and multiple story lines. Below are the main story lines I use for my writings and a few samples. Enjoy.
Tyria's Tears The Silver Realm The Order of the Silver Star
What happens when a group of various peoples in a galaxy become so sure that their way is the best that they ignore the rights of others to be what they want to be or are? With great power comes great responsibility. How do you make decisions for others and/or help them without interferring too much? When the future appears hopeless and evil is on the move, who do you call for help? And what is required of you to deserve that help?
Her eyes are glowing... To understand them... A light in the darkness...